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LAND of DOOM (2018) Director , Editor


The film depicts the last days of Eastern Aleppo’s siege and before its fall, when Milad, residing in Beirut, follows up with his friend Ghiath, the besieged civilian activist and photographer, on people’s situations and sufferings while waiting for their fate among the fighting parties. The film is an intimate and personal recording of civilians’ sufferings during this time of siege, hunger, and war, and a recording of the relationship that brought activists together during the civil movements, and of the geographic distances that separated them because of violence, bombing and killing.

Still Recording (2018) Camera operator

Still Recording is a feature documentary that follows art students Saeed and Milad, who decide to leave Damascus and go to Douma, a suburb under rebel control. Over more than four years, the film depicts the two friends and their acquaintances as they go about their daily lives, capturing the transformation of the city of Douma and its people as they go through liberation, war, siege and hunger. More than 500 hours of footage was shot, and the men face grave questions about life and death, revolution and armed struggle, dreams and doubts, fear and love, and the use of art in a world facing destruction. Saeed and Milad try to launch a graffiti art project in Douma, but things in the besieged city take a turn for the worse after a chemical attack on eastern Gouta. After he loses one of his friends, Milad decides to revive the art project with the help of his friends by painting colourful graffiti on the grey, devastated walls of the city. Saeed and Milad finally get out of Douma and seek refuge in Beirut, where they face loss, exile and hope.

Live Aus Idlib video clip (2020) Camera operator, Editor and Special effect

HIDE the PHONE (2016)


Digital Earth 2019
Goethe Institut Lebanon Fan Tasmeen 2019
Helping Against All Odds 2016

Director , Editor


An experimental film, It addresses the tension that still haunt Syrians even outside Syria when they take photos on streets, especially if there is someone who wears military uniform, to tell the horror and anxiety story that haunted the Syrians wherever they went.

Hivos sound workshop 2019
Goethe Institut Lebanon Soccer Game 2018
Nabea El Hayat 2016
Legal Agenda 2018-2019

ART Projects

Kafan Project 2012

Al Sahra Graffiti 2014

Be your self
Never be afraid
Be Patient country
Do not reconcile
Do not reconcile
Revolution is female
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Nabih Nabhan 2019
باسل الصفدي | Bassel Safadi
عبد الرحمن الكواكبي 2017
projeact 18pg
Last Woman in Qaboun
was made for the book: "So I’m not Kept in the Shadows" Oral Memory: Syrian Women Survivors of Detention""
isis attack 2014
Beirut 2015
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self portrait 2012
Love is my Religon 2016
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portrait "Rima" 2016
portrait "Rima"
Beirut 2016
Mwaffak portraitl 2013
alia's portrait 2013
Damascus 2013
widow 2011
The widow of the martyr
bronze + wood 50 cm
Damascus 2011
Jesus 2012
Jesus ، art work by Rudy Rahmeh , sculpted by Milad amin
200 cm
Beirut 2012
A dancer 2012
A dancer ، art work by Rudy Rahmeh , sculpted by Milad amin
180 cm 1/1
Beirut 2012
A dancer
A dancer ، art work by Rudy Rahmeh , sculpted by Milad amin
180 cm 1/1
Beirut 2012
A dancer
A dancer ، art work by Rudy Rahmeh , sculpted by Milad amin
90 cm 0.5/1
Beirut 2012
A dancer
A dancer ، art work by Rudy Rahmeh , sculpted by Milad amin
Beirut 2012
A dancer
A dancer ، art work by Rudy Rahmeh , sculpted by Milad amin
180 cm 1/1
Beirut 2012
A dancer
A dancer ، art work by Rudy Rahmeh , sculpted by Milad amin
180 cm 1/1
Beirut 2012
scube 2011
medal (Muhammad al maghout)2010
medal (Muhammad al maghout)
Damascuse university 2011
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William Ismail Photography Freelance Reuters 2013

Graphic Design

Les Fripes d'Esaaf LOGO 2019
Rosol Logo 2013
Book Cover 2019
Rosa Luxemburg Ofice wall 2018
Event Poster 2016
Facebook Event Poster 2016
Douma I Love you Movie Poster 2015
interactive 2015
smart house 2015
Live 2015
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2007 –  2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture Major; Damascus University,

                      Damascus - Syria



2014 – Present      Filmmaker/Editor, Freelance

2018 – Present      Filmmaker/Editor, Legal Agenda, Lebanon

2016 – Present      Founder and manager,  Riwaq Beirut Space, Lebanon

2017 – 2018           Logistics officer, Arab Digital Expression Foundation
                               camps, Lebanon

2015 – 2016          Designer, Art Afif Group, Lebanon

2014 – 2017          Tattoo Artist; Freelance, Lebanon

2014 – 2015           Volunteer Art Therapist,  IOM, Lebanon


2013 – 2014          Art Teacher/Therapist, Nabaa Al-Hayat,
                              Eastern Ghouta, Syria


2012                      Trainer, The Arab Puppet Theatre workshop, Lebanon

2011 – 2012          Assistant in sculptures, Rudy Rahmeh Atelier, Lebanon


2013 – 2014          Freelance Photographer, Thomson Reuters, DPA
                              Eastern Ghouta, Syria

2012– 2013          Art Teacher, Emese Atelier, Damascus

2010                     Cinema theater technical, Doxbox film festival, Damascus

2010 – 2011          Graphic and Web Designer, IT-Horizon, Damascus

2008 – 2011          Graphic Designer, ICM International Center
                              of Marketing, Damascus




.    “Humans of Syria”, Online  2015 – 2016
       Co-Founder and Designer;


.     “Al Sahra” (Graffiti project) 2014

        Founder, Trainer


.     “Sam Lens Project” 2013



.     Artist Training FILM III, UDK Berlin 2020
.     Hidayat Documentary film Editing Workshop, Lebanon 2018
.     Talents Beirut 5th Edition, Lebanon, 2018

·     ADEF Youth Camp, Lebanon, 2018

·     Bidayyat Documentary Film Directing Workshop, Lebanon, 2016

·     Alley Art Residency, Lebanon, 2013

·     ADEF Youth Camp, Lebanon, 2016




.    ARA Collective Exhibition, Aley, Beirut, 2013

·   Sunflower Theatre, Collective Exhibition, Munamnamat, Beirut, 2013

·   ‘Shaghaf’ for Young Artists, Collective Exhibition, Damascus, 2011



·      Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite: Word,                               Excel, Powerpoint

·      Video Editing: Adobe Premiere and Final Cut

·      Design: Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator

·      Coding: Adobe Flash, HTML




.     Native Arabic

.     Excellent English: read and write

.     German A2




Location: Berlin, Germany


Tel: +49 1521 9155565

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